Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Teaching Ideas

Instead of the boring (and let's face it, predictable) “What I did this summer” assignment that teachers inevitably ask their students to write, why not asking students to write about the 2012 Olympics instead? 

Writing starters may include:
·      Who is your favorite Olympian and why?
·      What is your favorite Olympic sport?

Writing starters for older students may include:
·      Background history on the location of the 2012 Olympic games (What makes London so significant).
·      Research the origins of the Olympic games.
But don’t think that the Olympics only lend themselves to writing scenarios. Oh no, just think of how the math teacher can discuss ratios and odds when analyzing wins and losses. And keeping track of the number of overall wins is the perfect way to introduce (and reinforce) charts and graphs.

And science, oh science for the older students. For example, just how do those archers and marksmen account for wind gusts before making their shots?

And don’t forget history/geography either. Review maps of races (foot races and cycling races) and discuss how geography and climate may play into the games.

For more resources on teaching about the Olympics, check out a previous article of mine at entitled "Elementary School Olympic Activities" with topics such as: learning about flags and mottos, creating medals, and competitions. And check out for a free Summer Olympic Activity Book.

or view other websites such as, ProjectBritain, Education World, and AtoZTeacherStuff to name just a few. 

**UPDATE** For a recap of the Olympics, check out the book below for information on what happened at the Olympics.

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