Monday, July 30, 2012

Grab a Good Book {at your local library, of course}

I'm often telling my kids to sit down and read a book. Thankfully I set a good example, and almost always have a book I'm reading, but how often have you heard the excuse from your child (or student) that books just aren't any fun, or that they don't enjoy reading?  I suggest showing them this vintage library poster that explains the benefits of reading in a fun way.

Taken from Flavorwire

And afterward, why not head on out to your local library in these last few weeks of summer vacation?  Not convinced of the benefits of your local library? Check out THIS ARTICLE that I wrote on Hub Pages about why I think local libraries are so important. 

Not all libraries are stuffy and cold places, just check out some pics from my two favorite libraries in Gwinnett County.  The first pic is from the Dacula Library, where I love the Kids' section. I love this library because the kids section closed off and only has one entrance/exit, so I can know when my kids come/go.  The bottom pic is from the Hamilton Mill library, which has a super-cool magazine lounge section. (Doesn't that fireplace look so inviting?)

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