Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tips for Volunteering in the Classroom

Photo credit: Arvind Balaraman
Looking for a way to help your child's school teacher? Check out the article  '13 Ways to Help Your Child's Teacher' for a suggestions on how to help out in the classroom without breaking your budget or investing too much time. Cleaver lists simple suggestions such as sharpening pencils, being a book-buddy, and helping out with general organization throughout the year.

Similarly, I suggest reading the article 'Why Do You Volunteer?' to check your motives on volunteering in your Child's classroom.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tips for the New (and Old) Teacher

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I often contribute to a blog for the The School Box teacher supply store, and was reading their latest blog roll. In it, a teacher-writer (don't you just LOVE that combo) gives four timeless tips for the teacher just starting her journey in this crazy, yet rewarding world of teaching.  But really, the tips aren't just for the new teacher; they are a sage reminder to keep things in perspective and remember the purpose of teaching.

Check out the article "Four Timely Reminders for All Educators" on The Learning Experience blog.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom Hero Giveaway {from Little Debbie}

Do you love your child's current or former teacher? Why not nominate him or her for the Little Debbie Classroom Hero Giveaway? Check out the short video below for info on how and how often to enter the giveaway:

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Secret to Great Bubbles

Bubbles are fun for the young and old alike, but have you ever really thought about bubbles for an extended period of time?

For example, have you ever wondered how to make the perfect bubble? Ever wondered why bubbles pop when they touch your skin? Ever wondered if there was a way to play with bubbles more without them popping?  

The Steve Spangler team sure has thought about bubbles a lot, and has even created a great video just about the wonders of bubbles.  Check out the video "The Science of Bubbles" below for info on why bubbles are (normally) round, how to make your own bubble solution, and just general bubble fun for everyone.

So go get your Egghead on and start playing, and most importantly keep learning!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back-To-School Bulletin Board Ideas

Tired of the ho-hum bulletin boards you've used in your classroom year after year?  Sure, recycling is good, but so is creativity! 

Instead of posting those good but already seen bulletin boards from yester-year, spruce up your classroom with the ideas in this article I guest-wrote for The Learning Experience blog. In it you'll find ideas about how your students can get to know you as the teacher, how students can get to know each other, and a fun classroom helper board. 

Supplemental American History Curriculum with WalllBuilders

photo from nixxphotography

Do you love history? I certainly do, in fact, I majored in history in college, mostly because I loved reading about it, and also writing those papers.  One of the main reasons I chose to change my major was based upon a presentation I heard by David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders, an organization dedicated to informing and educating people about America's Christian heritage. In addition the content that Barton presented, I was impressed with his conversational tone and how he peppered the material with vital information about the Christian perspective and history.

Recently I found out that WallBuilders also has curriculum for kids called “Drive Thru History America” which includes 9 DVD video lessons, a teacher guide, student textbook  and worksheets (answer keys included), along with activities and assignments. Although the video lesson are only 10 minutes each, I’m sure the curriculum would make a great supplement or addition to an existing history curriculum, or a great way to help kindle a students interest in American history.

Explore the WallBuilders website for a list of helpful links on topic such as environmental issues and historical documents, as well as books and resources that you can purchase to learn more about the rich, Christian heritage of our nation.